DeFi Primatives Metaprotocol based on Ordinal Theory

What is OmniSat

OmniSat is a community-driven organization built to design solutions for Bitcoin Native Defi Primitives. DeFi is relies on decentralized connected liquidity. OmniSat’s Bitcoin native approach is designed for composable solutions. It is intended that OmniSat privatives create network efforts that enable many varieties of decentralized finance markets built on Bitcoin.

Core Primitives and produces described throughout the documentation include: Bitcoin pegged BRC-20 compatible token, decentralized exchange powered by AMM framework, yield instruments and bond instruments. OmniSat’s products and primitives are designed around protocol owned liquidity concepts. Protocol owned liquidity enables reward guarantees. In times of market distress when liquidity is most needed, it’s protected by bond terms, which effectively protect markets from death spirals initiated when yield chasing mercenary capital is pulled resulting in risk.

The documentation details the technical and operational aspects of the OmniSat primitives and product ecosystem.


  • BTC-20 Bitcoin Familiar: BRC-20 token standard that is pegged to the value of Bitcoin
  • BBAMM Bitcoin Based Automated Market Maker